Resumewriter Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms before using

ACCEPTANCE OF THE TERMS (the "Website") and any of its Services require you to agree to and accept these terms and conditions. This site and the services offered by the Company will not be accessible to you if you decline the following terms and conditions.


The information on this Website and the products and/or services it sells are based on precise and truthful information at the time it was created. Users should consult their accountants, legal or other advisors when in doubt.


The Company's services are consistently professional and always meet the industry's standards. The Company must respond to the Client during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, except on national holidays, and keep them updated about the progress of the Services.


Client and Company have a relationship of equality, which requires respect, courtesy, and consideration for both parties.

Definition of our Terms:

The Company must deliver the Product on time and according to the Client's specifications. The Client can request partial or full reimbursement if the Company violates its commitments under our Refund Policy.

Definition of our Terms:

  • "Website" means
  • Anybody who submits, bids, or executes an order, uploads information, or transfers payments to this Website is called "Client," "You," and "Yours."
  • Resumewriter FZ-LLC runs The Company's address is B01-101 Service Block Al Hulaila Industrial Zone -FZ RAK. United Arab Emirates. License number: 17001495
  • The "Messaging System" software allows for continuous communication between the Client, the Writer, and a support team representative.
  • A Client's request for our Resume Writing Service is called "Order." This contains detailed requirements and specifications about the personal data used in creating the Product.


  • An order is a Client's online request for a website's services and Products. 


  • The Client uploaded the Resume Writing Product online via the Website. "Order" refers to the completed Resume Writing Service.
  • The Order status displays the Order's current status and the stage at which work toward completion is underway.
  • Resume Writing Service is a service of conducting a professional document. To deliver a Resume writing service refers to fulfilling an order with a particular Product Type.
  • The Resume Writing Service will produce the Product. This is unique content that was created according to the Client's request.
  • The Company defines the product types ("Product Type"), which are the only services offered on the platform.
  • A request from the Client to revise the final product to meet their initial requirements. 
  • The "Support team" (or "Support") is the structural unit within the Company that coordinates and assists with the Order and Resume Writing Services.
  • The Company Agreement defines a "Resume writer" as a person the Company hires to provide Resume Writing Services to Clients.
  • The Client's account in the Company that holds Credits is called "Balance." Clients put their funds on the Balance as a means of compensation for delivered Order(s). 

Register and place an order

  • Orders can be placed by filling in the Order Form found in the Application. Resume writing services are not available unless requested.
  • The Order Form will include the Product Type, Level, and Deadline. 
  • Clients may use their emails and passwords to sign up or use Facebook or Gmail data. Support is responsible for your profile updates and notifying Support should any contact details change.
  • Clients can create multiple accounts. When you make your first purchase, they will be combined with your original account.

Order Payment and Get Discounts

  • You agree to pay the Company for Resume Writing Service by placing an order. The Company will start processing an order once it receives and authorizes the payment. 
  • The Client may be asked to send a photo of the Client's payment card.
  • After the scope of work is determined, the Product's price will be calculated based on Company pricing. The Company cannot be responsible for the document's delivery until it receives the full payment for the Order. 
  • Your personal Balance can be used to pay for your orders.
  • The Company keeps the right to use bonuses and discounts for its clients at its sole discretion. Clients may use the Company's discount code(s) when filling out the Order Form. 
  • There are no exceptions in access to bonus programs and discounts. All clients are informed equally.
  • After Your Order Evaluation, the Company may request additional payment or time. If the Company determines that the amount of work needed to satisfy Your requirements is unknown, they may request an additional fee or extra time.

Your personal Balance

  • You can only use Visa, Mastercard, or AmEx to replenish your Personal Balance. You can transform your funds into credits via your Personal Account. 
  • One US dollar equals one credit. It is kept in your Personal Account and has no expiration or limit.
  • You can transfer your funds to Credits at Your discretion, but only after you have approved. Credits amounts are non-refundable.
  • As part of our loyalty program, the Company may offer credit to you to pay for future orders.

Place an Order

  • Validation Of Order: The Company has the right to review an Order after final payment is made to ensure that the Client's requirements are met.
  • Order Changes: Customer Support and the Client can request to change the details of the Order. The Client will have to pay additional compensation if the order details are altered to change the product type, level, or terms of completion.
  • Communication. Clients can use the Messaging System or contact the Support Team directly to communicate with the Resume Writers.
  • Clients can track their Order's progress using their personal account. Clients can view all information regarding their Order, as well as the status of the Order, through their personal account.

Order delivery

  • All aspects of the Resume Writing Service are the Company's responsibility.
  • Once the Company has completed the Resume writing service, the Client must ensure that communication channels are open. Clients can contact the Support Service for any help with Orders delivery.  
  • The Client must download the Product immediately after the Company has provided the Resume Writing Service.
  • All orders go through our app service via the Completed orders tab. An email notification will include a link to the download page.
  • Funds will be released within seven days of the deadline to protect Our Resume Writer. Clients have thirty (30) days to request revisions or a refund.

Order Revision

  • The Company offers free amendments to the Client to ensure high-quality products and client satisfaction. A Client must submit a revision request via Company email or the Messaging System within thirty (30) days of delivery. Sometimes, a Support Team Representative can submit an Order revision for free if the Writer does not meet the original revision deadline. 
  • The Support Team Representative may reject revision instructions that are not in line with the original Order Instructions. Clients might have to pay an additional fee or place an editing order.
  • The Support Team Representative can decline multiple revision requests from clients who behave in a manner that clearly exploits Resume Writer or makes other unreasonable requests.
  • If the request is in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, our Company will replace the Product.

Refund Policy

  • A client may cancel an order at any time before it is complete.
  • Clients need to make written applications regarding any refunds and cancellations. You may use our Order Messaging System to make a refund or cancel an order.  
  • Clients who request a refund for poor quality must provide solid reasons and examples. A detailed list of violations will be required to approve a refund request.
  • The Client must request a revision within 30 days or a refund if the term has expired.
  • After approval, the Company will process the refund within 60 days.

Use of Products

  • You can only use the money you pay for an order for personal and non-commercial reasons. The size of your payment reflects the effort and time spent researching and writing the information necessary for Your Order.
  • Once the Order is placed, our Resume Writers will give all products and ownership to our clients.
  • The Company creates Products to assist the Client in finding work.
  • If they buy a Product, the Client cannot guarantee employment at their chosen Company.

Company's Responsibility

  • This Website operates under UAE law. Negotiations between the parties should be the primary means of resolving any disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions. 
  • The Company cannot assume liability or responsibility for any delivery issues caused by Client's service providers, such as email. If you experience issues with the Order's delivery, contact our Support Team. It is available 24/7. Downloading the Product may be unavailable for the Clients during the issue's resolution. 
  • Resume Writers' products should not be used illegally, ethically, or incorrectly.
  • The Company bears responsibility for the quality of delivered Resume Writing products.
  • The Company is responsible for selecting Resume Writers and ensuring their profiles reflect real qualifications.
  • The Company holds responsibility for all transactions made through the online secure payment system.
  • Client credit information is not disclosed to the Company without Our Company's consent or under our control.

Disclaimer for Links

Our clients may find references to various resources on the Website. We don't endorse or condone their content. By visiting these links, you agree to take all risks.

Privacy and security

Refer to the Privacy Statement to learn more about Our Company's policies regarding Client and Online Guests' data collection, storage, and use.

The Company has the right to contact Clients via email regarding new services, discounts, or special deals. We value our Clients' privacy. The Company will not distribute any billing information.


You agree and acknowledge the following statements by submitting your Order or Payment:

  • Products are only intended for personal use by the Client.
  • All clients agree that they will pay for the Resume Writing Services offered on this Website. This covers the time and effort needed to gather, edit and correct the Product and deliver it.
  • The authorship and ownership of the Resumewriter products automatically transfer to Clients. The Company retains ownership of Clients' Products and may use them for marketing purposes.
  • You confirm that you agree to receive promotional materials, including specials and contests, when you place an order. To receive this information, please log in to Your account.
  • Our Company makes no guarantees concerning Our Website and its contents.
  • We cannot guarantee our operation to be error-free. It is the consumer's responsibility to ensure that the final Product is accurate, complete, and useful, as well as opinions, advice, or any content related to the Resume Writing Service.

Limitation on Liability

You agree to the following Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions include the following points, but they do not limit them:

  • Telephone hardware and software, email, Internet, or telephone malfunctions, difficulties, or failures;
  • Computer communications and transmissions are unclear, incomplete, delayed, or failed.
  • Any condition caused by circumstances beyond the Company's control that results in the Order or Product being delayed, disrupted, or corrupted;
  • All injuries, losses, or damages may result from using Our Services.


  • We are not responsible for any typographical or printing mistakes in materials associated with our services.

No third-party claim, demand, or suit may be made against our Resume Writing Services by our Company or its affiliates. Our Company and its affiliates are not responsible for any claim, demand, suit, or lawsuit by any third party in connection with or arising out of our Resume Writing Services.


We reserve the right to refuse any refunds, even if you have paid full price for our resume-writing services.

  • We will not register you if your provided information is incorrect or misleading.
  • You don't have to cooperate with the ordering process.
  • We have a suspicion that you have participated in fraudulent financial operations.

Any attempt by you to harm servers or clients is strictly prohibited. If we detect such an attempt on your account, we will destroy it immediately. 

  • Spamming, transmission malware, viruses, Trojan horses
  • You can link these files and websites together. may terminate your account and forfeit any fees paid without notice if you violate this Agreement.

Modifications and Updates

The Company can change these Terms & Conditions at any moment without notice to the Client, and Clients should review the Terms & Conditions regularly.

Your Payment's Safety Guaranteed

Resumewriter guarantees the quality of the work. Pay only when satisfied with the results!