Writing a Resume for Career Change

Writing a resume is a procedure that causes difficulties, regardless of experience and knowledge. Such a need may arise both for a graduate who is just starting a career path, and a professional who suddenly wants to change the field of activity. Resume Writer is ready to help you in writing a resume for a career change.

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Resume Changing Careers
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  • A custom resume by our experts
  • 3-hour turnaround
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  • Unlimited rounds of editing
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Resume + Cover letter
  • A custom resume and professional cover letter by our experts
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Resume + Cover letter + LinkedIn profile
  • A custom resume, professional cover letter, and complete LinkedIn makeover by our experts
  • 3-hour turnaround
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All of the bonuses and additions are included in the resume writing services cost.

Our Pro Resume Writers’ Customers Have Great Things to Say

John Freeman
I was struggling to make my resume reflect my skills for a new career path, but resumewriter.org helped me revamp it in no time! Their service is top-notch and the results are fantastic.
Sarah Daniels
As someone who was switching careers, I was worried about how to present my experience on my resume. Resumewriter.org was a game-changer for me - their team was professional, responsive, and made the process easy. Highly recommend!
Michael Rivera
Resumewriter.org is the real deal. They helped me pivot my career by transforming my outdated resume into a powerful marketing tool. I was impressed by the quality of their work and the attention to detail. Thank you!

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How to Write an Up-to-Date Resume?

Compiling a resume with a radical change in the field of activity is a little more difficult than usual - it is important not to overdo it with unnecessary information. We still do not recommend creating a resume if you have no experience at all, even completed courses or internships. First, take care of getting practical knowledge, and then make a CV. Here's another thing to keep in mind when writing a resume for a career change.

  • Highlight overlapping skills. Carefully choose which skills from your past career to add to your resume. If you are afraid that the CV will look completely empty, then leave a couple of irrelevant skills, but let them be a little close to the new field of work.
  • Describe your competencies in detail. If there is little experience in a new field, then focus on your skills. No need to write briefly about responsibility and oratory skills, describe the competencies in more detail. For example, not “advanced speaking skills”, but “experience in making presentations to top management” or “experience in speaking at international events with more than 1000 people”.
  • Show your motivation. A person who radically changes the field of activity is a mystery to the employer. It can be an adventurer, an infantile person, an inept employee, or just a person who suddenly realized his calling. Your task is to prove that you belong to the latter type of candidate.
  • Write a cover letter. Another chance to show interest in the job is to write a cover letter. It is strictly necessary for specialists without experience and for those who radically change the scope of work.

Why Choose Resume Writer?

The main goal of Resume Writer is to write a resume for you that will encourage employers to consider your candidacy. Also, cooperating with us you get a lot of advantages:

  • we provide certified professional copywriters;
  • you will receive a finished resume in three hours;
  • we guarantee you a refund within 60 days if your resume does not bring results;
  • we help create a LinkedIn account to make your persona more interesting for recruiters;
  • you will receive free editing rounds to perfect your resume;
  • you can keep in touch with the author to track the progress of your resume;
  • we provide free consultations that will show you in which direction you should go when writing a resume.



Why do I need help writing a resume?

Our professional writers have extensive experience in creating a resume and will help you make it attractive to employers.

How fast can you write a resume?

Our experts will create the perfect resume for you in three hours.

How to write a resume when changing jobs?

Focus on showing recruiters and hiring managers your skills and experience.

How to describe your career transition?

Briefly describe yourself, and your work experience, and explain how your skills will help the company become better.

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