Resumewriter Refund Policy

Please review this Refund Policy before you use our services. 

Our unique offer is that we only charge you after our writers deliver satisfactory results.

This arrangement ensures that you know in advance that your resume is high-quality and professionally formatted. This arrangement ensures our customers are satisfied with our services, even before we receive the payment. We usually create LinkedIn profiles and offer consulting services after we receive the payment. 

Refund Policy

Our customers can get a refund if they find the results of our work unsatisfactory. We guarantee that our experts always meet the Clients' deadlines and that all of the Client's wishes will be fulfilled. Yet, if our clients find the results unfitting, they may call for a full refund. 

Money Back Guarantees

Clients can request reimbursement if they are not satisfied with the service. Our service is well-received, and clients who have used it in the past are likely to return. 95% positive reviews are a subject of our pride. Yet, there are situations when clients may ask for a refund. These situations include:

No Expert Assignment: In rare cases, an expert might not be assigned to your project. If this incident happens, a notification will arrive right away. 

Cancel: If a Client has issued an order but decided to cancel, they will receive a refund. The refund amount may vary from 70% to 100% of the initial payment, depending on the expert assigned to the task. 

Late delivery: If your expert is unavailable for work due to an emergency, you will have a 100% refund. 

We deliver all orders on time. However, sometimes delays may occur. If Clients upload their requirements and instructions too late, the order's delivery may also be delayed. We cannot offer refunds in these cases because the Customer is responsible. After placing an order, please send us all the information, instructions, and details about your task. The Customer can release any funds if the order is completed after the deadline.

Refund Processing 

Our company will collect all the information necessary to analyze the source of your discontent with your order. We will thoroughly examine the case to find out how we can improve. We will help you to file a refund claim. The case analysis results will determine the amount of the refund you receive. We are an honest company and strive to please all our customers. We treat our customers fairly and consider all details during a refund case analysis. 

If you believe your order was incorrectly placed, please let us know as soon as possible. We will be able to cancel your order before it is complete, and you might not be eligible for a refund if we do not receive your cancellation request before placing the order. 

In case of a double charge, send both receipts so that we can correct the issue. A notification will arrive right away if you are charged twice, and any additional charges incurred will be refunded in full. However, this rare situation happens only when customers order twice.

We will run a TurnItIn check to verify that a customer has claimed the content is plagiarized. This report is required to verify the accuracy of the claim.

You Cannot Proceed with a Refund If:

Delay payment: Customers who claim they have been delayed in paying their orders will not be held responsible. No refunds can be requested.

The refund period has expired, and we can only issue a refund after six months from the original transaction date.

Refund processing

Your refund will be processed within two business days. The company is not responsible for delays caused by banking systems or other factors. 

Copyright Rights for a Cancelation Case

Customers cannot use products purchased before the cancellation. Copyrights remain with the company.

Editing, Proofreading, Formatting Orders

Consider that you provide us with the original content that may contain errors. The company is not responsible for errors and editing in the original text.

Your Payment's Safety Guaranteed

Resumewriter guarantees the quality of the work. Pay only when satisfied with the results!