About Resume Writer

Resumewriter begins with a trio of friends who tried to make their way into the job market. Celine Osborne is a professional copywriter and certified resume writer. Jacob Garcia is a prominent IT engineer, and Luis Fralick is a modern and efficient manager. 

Three of them met each other during their career changes. They had decent positions but struggled to move further due to fierce competition. This struggle created the idea of creating a resume-writing service. Dozens of job seekers had the same problems as Jacob, Luis, and Celine. 

Together, they learned from the best experts in the industry how to create a robust resume-writing service. They applied the best management tools and hardware to make the service run smoothly. Celine dived deeper into the essence of resume writing to learn how a resume can become more engaging and eye-catching for potential employers from any industry. After months of polishing, the resume writer company appeared, giving all the applicants a chance to land an interview for their dream positions. 

Helping Professionals Build Professional Personal Brands

A resume is the most critical tool in the arsenal of any job seeker. Yet, many professionals struggle with structuring their professional images. Here Resumewriter comes in. We will help you by showing your best professional qualities and tailoring your resume for your target position. 

What Should a Professional Resume Look Like?

A professional resume should look like a document that eliminates alternatives. A job seeker with a professional resume will easily catch potential employers' attention. A well-crafted resume highlights a candidate's best achievements, relevant work experience, and qualities that make them the best candidate for a job position. 

128% More Likely to be Contacted by Recruiters

Automated applicant tracking process reduced the chances of a recruiter in an actual interview. Resumwriter optimizes your resume, making it ATS-friendly, and such an optimization drastically raises the stakes of hiring managers contacting you directly. 

231% More Likely to Land an Interview

Many recruiters will invite you for an interview due to your engaging, professional resume. You will have a choice between several options in your favorite industry, which will bring confidence to your job search.  

240% More Likely to Land a Job

Once you land an interview, you almost finished your job search. Modern competition in the job market is fierce, and hiring managers don't even look at most resumes. Yet, the company needs your skills when you show your professional resume and land an interview.

Make Your Job Search Productive

Do you really need a professional resume? Naturally, job seekers may try to land a job independently and succeed. Yet, their chances of landing their dream jobs are meager. Consider this: each week of a fruitless job search, you lose more money than for a professional resume. And after landing a decent job position, you will compensate for any expenses. 

Professional resume writing services will save you time and money in the long run. A winning resume is a long-term investment in your career.

Your Future is Now

Hi from Celine, Jacob, and Luis. We know how exhausting a job search may be. Dozens and dozens of missed opportunities can be frustrating. That is why we have built Resumewriter. We understand how tricky landing a job may be, and we want to help. Our experience and qualifications helped many job seekers to realize themselves in their career fields.

If you decide to take another route - that is okay. Resumewriter is always open to new customers and ready to help anyone who wants to improve their career.

We wish you luck in landing the job position you deserve.

Best regards, Resumewriter's team.

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Resumewriter guarantees the quality of the work. Pay only when satisfied with the results!